Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TOP three…Most Annoying Facebook Habits

1. Half-Nude Self Portraits

Ok we all know you’re young, thin and look good in scantily clad attire…but why is the picture of you being taken in your bathroom with a kissy face and you seem to be the photographer using your phone? I don’t get it. You all know what I’m talking about.

2. The “It’s Complicated” Relationship Status

Thank you for telling the world that you have relationship problems, all you’re really doing is begging the world to meddle in your personal life. If it’s so freaking complicated get off Facebook and fix it…

3. Utterly Pointless Facebook Groups
 Yet another mighty annoyance. People, do we really need Facebook groups for ‘I Like Eating Pickles with Cheddar Cheese in My Underwear’?  Or ‘I Like Watching Raindrops Fall Down a Window and Secretly Cheering for One to Win’?  I think not. It just ain’t my particular cup of Facebook tea.

Other Annoying Facebook Habits

  • The Random Friend Request: Ya I don’t know you. Wait maybe…no no I really don’t know you…
  • Stalking Capabilities: We are all guilty of it but the thought of someone else doing it to you is just creepy.
  • Pointless Tagging: Seriously? I am picking my nose in the background of you and your boyfriends 3 month anniversary picture…why would you think I would want to be included in that moment. Let alone have it show up on everyone’s new feed.
  • Poking: no explanation needed
  • Joint Facebook Pages: you are not your own person? Is it really necessary to alter the message to more than one person?


  1. This was golden Amie. The whole Facebook world knows exactly what your talking about even if they don't want to admit it!

  2. Hahaha. This was awesome. I think the newest one is using the #as_if_it_were_twitter #tomakeapoint.

  3. baha! i love this blog. agree with everything you said. you are the cutest.