Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TOP three...Celebrities Who Startlingly Resemble Animals

We all play that game where you try to pick the animal your friends resemble. In my lifetime I have been called a mouse, panda, chipmunk, kitten…these, if you are catching the trend here, are all strikingly beautiful creatures RIGHT? NOT! Gosh people don’t get me! Anyway my point is I find it absolutely hilarious (I laughed for an entire day when I found out my chemistry lab partner looked EXACTLY like a seahorse).  These are my top picks!

#1.   Sarah Jessica Parker / Horse
                This needs no explanation….

#2.   Tina Turner / Chow
                Maybe it’s the fluffy hair, I just cannot get over the similarity here….

#3.  Dog The Bounty Hunter / Lion
                DBH and the king of the jungle, why didn’t we see this coming?

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And simply for enjoyment purposes and an ode to the Office....
       Rainn Wilson / Bald's totally the eyes


Monday, January 24, 2011

TOP Three Misconceptions about ME -- amie lee

Contrary to popular belief I am not all that meets the eye, so for my first post I want to be bring to light the top 3 misconceptions people have about me the moment we shake hands...

#1. Just Another Dumb Blonde:
·         Why do blondes always smile during lightning storms?
                              They think their picture is being taken.
·         Why do blondes have TGIF written on their shoes
      To remind themselves that toes go in first.
I have heard them all...been there done that! Believe it or not I do actually try in school, and most of the time do very well. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but I CAN cut things! AND I know about maps and Africa and stuff :)

#2. Stuck-Up Cheerleader:
Are there snotty, inconsiderate, stuck-up cheerleaders out there? Yes! Am I one of them? NO! Granted I have not been an angel my whole life (we all go through that I-think-I-am-extremely-cooler-than-I-really-am phase) but I do sincerely try to treat everyone the way I would hope to be treated. Cheerleading has been a big part of my life but is not my entire existence

P.S. Depending on your experiencing through high school with the group of cheerleaders there… will most likely affect whether you believe me or not…just know I am taking this into consideration.

#3. Happiness Comes Easily:
I love life and I love the people in it! But my life is not all unicorns and glitter; I have my hard times just like the rest of the human race. But I do always try to look past them because life can be miserable if you make it that way. I do seem very happy and excited to be where I am and most of the time that is the case! However, there are the days that I do just sit in front of my TV with a tub of Vanilla Bean drowning my sorrows in Jersey Shore; you just may not see it!