Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top three….Fashion Trends I’m So RELEIVED Never Lasted!

Oh the joys of youth: recess, your first crush, Cowboys & Indians, slumber parties and the simple life. As I look back on those good ole’ days with pleasure one thing still seems to stick out to me, what the H*** was I wearing? I’ll admit it, in my innocence I partook of all these style train wrecks…but now realize in my “wisdom” that I pretty much looked ridiculous. However, in my defense about 90% of the pre-teen generation was right there with me! These three picks are those trends that I am so grateful never made it out of the 90’s…

#1. Stretch Tattoo Choker

I seriously don’t even know where to begin with these…they are awful. I mean   we had every girl in my 6th grade class walking around with 3 or four of these on their neck plus the matching bracelet, ring and anklet. Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t…

#2. Platform Flip Flops

I wore a pair of platform black Rocket-dog flip flops for roughly 2 years of my adolescence and I loved them! It was seriously a day of mourning when my mother told me I needed to through them out. However, I do now realize the atrocity of these Styrofoam high heels/beach shoes…they almost look as awful on your feet as Crocks. (Almost)

 #3. Popcorn shirts

These however were the worst fashion foe of my younger years. Anything that could fit an infant and a full-grown adult should never…EVER…be worn. Enough said.  

*Post pictures and comments of your favorite childhood fashions, good or bad!!


  1. hahahaha! oh goodness. I'm pretty sure I wore all of these things at the same time--every day. I remember spending my "own money" on the rocket dog flip flops (Yes, they were rocket dog too!) because I wanted them so bad and my mom knew how ridiculous they were. Me and Britni shared our popcorn shirts even though she was 9 years older than me.
    haha I love this

  2. HAHAHAHA oh my heck I am dying! This cracked me right up. I totally wore all of those. My mom didn't let me get a big pair of flip flops forever and I was devastated! haha oh Amie this was a great post!

  3. I have seen people still sporting the "tatoo choker" and "tatoo ring." Yup, not a fan...

  4. WHAT???? We're not supposed to wear platform flipflops anymore? I don't think we got the memo here in central Utah, Missy... grrr...